How do you feel about your pixie? Just curious. I've been wanting to get one but I'm very scared of not liking it and having to grow it out.

Cutting all of your hair off is really empowering and you always feel really strong and sexy all the time and it’s little to no maintenance. My hair is really thick and curly and frizzy but it somehow works perfectly in a pixie if I blow dry it correctly or wear a beanie while i let it dry…. Growing it out does suck I’ll warn you. But once it grows long again you’ll just want to chop it right back off

I am moving to asheville, NC

In the summer and I am making a quick visit this month. Anyone who lives in the area know of any cool things to see or do?


"It can only be called fate."

"The truth of it is you were late.  You were late, and you failed to protect her."  



A piece of the Fused Shadow!  Luckily it’s only one piece, because if you managed to collect the other 3 and tried to wear them all at once, you probably wouldn’t recognize your hand anymore.


Majora’s Mask Skull Kid and Termina Moon Sculptures by Jorge Molina.

I seriously can’t get enough of this guys work. It’s so beautiful and very reasonably priced. He’s an amazing artist. 


Ancient Cistern Mythology - The Parable of “The Spider’s Thread”

For the full story, click here (x). It explains comparisons between Ancient Cistern’s apparent “heaven and hell” and is a really interesting speculation of why the dungeon is designed the way it is.