Majora’s Mask Skull Kid and Termina Moon Sculptures by Jorge Molina.

I seriously can’t get enough of this guys work. It’s so beautiful and very reasonably priced. He’s an amazing artist. 


Ancient Cistern Mythology - The Parable of “The Spider’s Thread”

For the full story, click here (x). It explains comparisons between Ancient Cistern’s apparent “heaven and hell” and is a really interesting speculation of why the dungeon is designed the way it is.

"It can only be called fate."

Link being a cutie 1/?


“Can Hyrule’s destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?”


“Can Hyrule’s destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?”

): I saw the kotaku post on your Facebook v and the comments. That fucking blows I'm sorry puerile suck D:

Yeah that one is probably in the top three most evil threads having to do with my body and back tattoo

so i’m selling my sheikah/gaming vest because I don’t wear it anymore. that thing has been with me through alot, and it originally put me on the radar for tumblr. if anyone is interested in purchasing it please contact me. it is size XS

So many asks!

I’m flattered, really.

But in all honesty, the kind words have made me feel much better… And I appreciate the support from all of you!

Did you know you're on kotaku?

Yes I saw -_-

Your tattoo is simply amazing, I love it. Must have taken a while to finish and some lumps of money! Still super amazing though. Good ink! <3

Some people buy jewelry and TVs and cars and fancy things that will break and wither and get lost but I buy customized sentimental artwork to keep close to me for a long, long time.

Post a picture of MY BACK and nothing private showing,
Get slut shamed and attacked by the entire fucking planet

Sweet, I knew I shouldn’t have posted it.

Fuck everybody. (Specifically sexists and closed minded turds.)

How do you feel about Twilight Princess? Good, bad, ugly?

Good I’d say. I think they tried to make something as good as OOT because of popular demand, and ended up making something slightly unoriginal. I still adore playing it, but it’s not my favorite!